What the dot?

dotWhite is a software company founded around a team of ambitious software developers with more than 15 years of experience.

From 25.05.2018 the new legislation on the protection of personal data comes into force. DOT WHITE SRL respects privacy and complies with the new legal provisions on updated privacy policy.


We believe in freedom of expression, in respect for human dignity and we ensure that every employee has a comfortable working environment, according to his unique personality. Our approach is based on respect, reward, openness, fairness and celebration of our team work.

We believe in the merits of the work well done and we believe in projects completed flawlessly. Equally, we believe in open and consistent communication with the client and we believe in the ability to adapt to different projects and situations. Our desire is to be involved in our community and offer it something valuable, as our time and talent for helping local artists or other causes which unite us all.

About us

What is the dot? Every programming language and in fact every language, has one universal truth, one common symbol you will find every time, and that’s the dot. Without the dot, sentences are unfinished, exclamation marks are just lines and emoticons are emotionless!
The dot symbolizes inheritance, it’s half of the DOT COM bubble, but most importantly, it’s a job well done.

So what follows a job well done? A blank canvas, a white space, you turn the page to a fresh challenge, an opportunity. A new beginning requires space. A dot at the end of a sentence can only be followed by a space. A dot demands space - a dot demands white.

dotWhite is your IT partner who understands that high quality goes without saying and that technology is nothing but a means to a purpose.

The deep understanding of complex business processes even in demanding industries like automotive or utilities, healthcare and financial services, is our strength.

We are covering the classic types of services that any software company covers, meaning: Java, .Net, C++, PHP, Javascript [and many more] in all kinds of flavours, including desktop, mobile and web oriented applications and platforms.

Everything, of course, client oriented, custom tailored. This doesn’t mean that we are not happy accepting new challenges from our customers, such as the development of unusual platforms of some exotic technology.

Software Development has always been my passion, as it should be, for someone in my position. I always knew that this is going to be my career. This passion has taken me all over the world and has confronted me with all the major programming languages. Building a software development company was, in my case, the next logical step.

And so, after careful consideration and with a head full of dreams, I started dotWhite in 2014, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.


Although it might seem counter intuitive, we’re not in the software business, we’re in the people business. People drive our development, they meet deadlines and are awesome at lasertag. ☺

Therefore, we gathered here, at the dot, people with various interests, who embrace change and novelty, because together we can fulfill each other’s dreams!

We love meeting potential new colleagues and making new friends. Our main objective is to grow and we’re proud of that. So feel free to browse our job openings, something might catch your eye.

If you feel you’re that unique special unicorn that doesn’t fit in any traditional job description, contact us nevertheless. We know the feeling.

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